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DVD Advantages

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8mm or Hi8 tapes
VHS tapes
Memory Cards
DVD Advantages
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Advantage DVD's have over a VHS tape

There are a ton of advantages but I have listed only a few here.
Advantages to saving your memories on CD or DVD
Tapes fade over time, get wrinkled by the VCR or get accidentally erased by using a tape that was not labeled. No doubt everyone has heard of cleaning the VCR heads.  The reason for this is the tapes leave part of the residue of the tape on the heads, thus wearing out the tape.  Over time the tape will become unusable.
The Quality of Tapes Degrade while they sit on the shelf. This is due to chemical process taking place A DVD let’s you skip to a certain point (called menu chapter points) instead of having to fast forward and search for a particular spot or time.
Quality: A normal VHS has 200 to 300 lines of resolution and a DVD has 480 which means you have a sharper picture with more detail A DVD lets you add sound, videos, still pictures as well as other things to the tape once it has been recorded to the DVD.
The video can be edited prior to being put on the DVD, to remove or add subject's you wish.

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